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Waikanae Beach beautiful stormy cloudy day, Wellington, New Zealand

Breathe, Move, Flow,
Become the Calm

Yoga means union, the union of all parts of our human-ness; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Feminine & Masculine. Yin & Yang. Sun & Moon. Shiva & Shakti. 

Yoga students in a yin yoga class, Wellington, New Zealand


Upcoming Serenity Sessions

Join an upcoming Serenity Sessions, the best antidote to fast-paced living.
esigned for those craving, or simply interested in experiencing a deep physical, mental
and soulful reset.
Sunday 4 August - Yoga Nidra Journey, Wellington. 


Karlin 26 May - Guy Robinson_edited_edit

Hari Om.  
My name is Karlin and I am a yoga teacher, or more so a 'yoga guide', assisting humans on their yoga journeys. The practice of yoga brings about many fundamental, positive changes to our state of being. ​

Yoga practices enable you to experience and enjoy positive emotions and 'states of being' more often.

With life being overwhelmingly busy, fast-paced and stressful for many people, ancient yoga wisdom is a welcome antidote to 'hustle' culture. Yoga asana (one small part of the yoga framework), practiced regularly, is a powerful way to take care of the body, mind and spirit connection.

Currently, I'm teaching yoga classes across City Fitness studios in Wellington, primarily Hot Power Yoga and Yin Yoga. My true love is Yoga Nidra for its incredibly powerful release of subconscious tensions we no longer need. 

I host 'Serenity Sessions' -  Yoga Journeys, in Wellington. These are now Yoga Nidra focused, simply because Yoga Nidra is the most powerful way to release, restore and alchemise tensions (including past events, impressions and samskaras), all while lying still and being guided through the journey.
Deeply restorative on so many levels and if practiced daily, yoga nidra creates significant positive changes. I also love Restorative Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. 

If you would like updates on class schedules, Serenity Session and online yoga class offerings, please use the below contact form to receive the latest updates. 
Hope to see you at a yoga session soon.


Hari Om Tat Sat.

Class Schedule

Anahata Yoga Retreats Kaitiaki statue at sunrise


My teaching journey started during my time as a karma yogi at Anahata Yoga Retreat (a place I like to refer to as Aotearoa/New Zealand's dedicated yoga ashram). Anahata Yoga Retreat is located on the crystal mountain, 670 metres above Takaka, on the edge of Abel Tasman National Park, in beautiful Mohua/Golden Bay.
I completed two yoga teacher training's while in Mohua/Golden Bay -  a 200-hr RYT training with Avene Kelly of Golden Flow Yoga which included Hatha, Yin, and Ashtanga yoga.
I also completed a 120-hour teacher training in Yoga Nidra, Breathing Methods and Restorative Yoga - an amazing programme developed by Swami Karma Karuna, Director of Anahata. 

Kundalini yoga is another favourite yoga practice. The powerful breathwork and moving meditations - Kriya's - work closely with the more subtle energetic fields of our bodies,
creating energetic vitality through the practices that combine breath, mudra and mantra. 
My extended stay at Anahata embedded various other yoga practices into my daily life experience. Bhakti (devotional) yoga, focuses on mantras; Karma yoga (action without expectation) were daily practices. Kirtan and Havan ceremonies, weekly events, had a significant impact on my life in yoga also. 

This 8-month experience took me outside of the 'normal' fast-paced, city life culture.
Returning to the city environment, the relentless noise and busyness of daily life were unexpectedly intense and overwhelming, highlighting the impact that our lifestyles have on our bodies, minds and spirit. This time at Anahata affirmed that living close to and connecting daily with nature is essential to our human well-being.

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